Projects The "KÖrallenriff" coral reef

The "KÖrallenriff"

The "KÖrallenriff"

Biodiversity with the “KÖrallenriff“ coral reef

The foundation "Kömmerling Better World Stiftung" has collaborated with The Coral Planters launching an ambitious project that not only protects the environment, but also makes a significant contribution to preserving biodiversity.

Coral reefs are not only breathtaking underwater landscapes, but also essential habitats and protected areas for a variety of marine animals. They show remarkable biodiversity comparable to that of rainforests. Although coral reefs only cover a small area of the Earth's surface, they are home to about 30 % of marine species. Without drastic countermeasures, 90% of the reefs will be lost by 2050. An extinction would have devastating ecological, economic and social impacts.

The project, entitled "KÖrallenriff", aims to create a sustainable and independent coral reef in the form of the Kömmerling logo. Placing 3,300 corals on an area of around 200 square meters near the Maldives not only supports CO2 sequestration, but also improves coastal protection and promotes the diversity of marine life.

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The Kömmerling logo symbolizes sun, sea and a circular value creation cycle. The construction of the coral reef in the shape of the logo is intended not only to emphasize the importance of coral reefs, but also to set a visible signal for the protection of marine diversity.

The partnership with The Coral Planters

The collaboration with The Coral Planters ensures expert implementation and care of the coral reef. The Coral Planters is an organization passionate about ensuring the survival of coral reefs. Without significant human action, corals could disappear from the earth by 2050. The Coral Planters' work focuses on three main areas: coral restoration, scientific innovation and public awareness.

The foundation "Kömmerling Better World Stiftung" and The Coral Planters are determined to work together to combat the impending extinction of coral reefs and thus set an example for the future of our planet

We invite everyone to join us in protecting and restoring vital coral reef ecosystems.