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Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Autumn/Winter 2022

After seven months of war, the winter is now approaching which will further aggravate the dramatic misery of the people in Ukraine.

Hence, we have decided to make another attempt with our humanitarian aid campaign of the foundation Kömmerling Better World Stiftung in order to collect donations and at the same time carry out the transport of the relief supplies as a company.

As profine GmbH, we initially contributed 150,000 euros to the campaign in spring, and we are currently contributing a further 100,000 euros for the purchase of relief supplies.

What has been achieved so far

To date, we have been able to collect a total of 454,000 euros in donations with the campaign that started at the end of February and have carried out 17 truck transports to people in need in Ukraine.

OUR ADVANTAGES - Why the Kömmerling Better World foundation?

Since we have a plant in Ukraine, we have the logistical prerequisites for direct access to the country and the people affected.

This has proven to be very helpful over the past few months, delivering medicines, groceries, hygiene products, clothing and other items that are needed very promptly and in a very targeted manner to where they are most urgently needed.

At this point we would like to thank all previous donors from the bottom of our hearts for their support!

Join in!

Today, we call on you again to take part in the campaign.

With 100,000 euros, we as profine GmbH are currently making a start again. We are also happy to receive suggestions for raising funds or relief supplies for the campaign through joint projects.

The humanitarian aid campaign continues to be run by the foundation Kömmerling Better World Stiftung, a purely charitable organization.

Bank details

Kömmerling Better World Stiftung gGmbH

Sparkasse Südwestpfalz

IBAN: DE91 5425 0010 0000 0969 58


Need in the War Zone

We want to help the people of Ukraine and continue to meet the urgent needs of the suffering people in the war zone with this humanitarian fundraiser.

Therefore we would be very happy about your support.