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Ukraine relief campaign - Status after 15 months

Ukraine relief campaign - Status after 15 months

Wherever people are in need, help must be provided. That is why we are active in many different ways. Against the background of being represented with an own plant in the country, we feel it is a very special obligation to help the people on site. With the skills and resources of our own employees, we provide support wherever we can.

We initiated a large-scale fundraising campaign with 150,000 euros from profine at the beginning, and later filled the donation pot with a further 100,000 euros. International partners were also there – the entire profine family pulled together, so colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers have donated a total of 589,000 euros so far.

The aim of the campaign was and is the timely and targeted provision of goods that our Ukrainian colleagues told us were most urgent, such as medicines, food, hygiene products and clothing.

So far we have been able to deliver relief supplies with:

• 21 truckloads

• 648 pallets

• 216,103 kg total weight

Exemplary campaigns

We would like to thank everyone involved for the enormous willingness to donate. To pick out just a very few examples: The tank filling for the first transport was sponsored by “team energie GmbH & Co. KG”, the printers Kern GmbH from Bexbach produced flyers and posters free of charge to draw more attention to the aid campaign.

Our partner company Ventana Deutschland GmbH contributed 5,000 euros with the help of donations from employees, and Wasgau AG in Pirmasens, in cooperation with the cities of Pirmasens and Zweibrücken and the district of Südwestpfalz, packed 400 welcome packages for Ukrainian refugees and 10,000 more euros donated to the Kömmerling Better World Stiftung.

In addition, 1. FSV Mainz 05 released a limited special shirt for the last Bundesliga matchday in 2022, which was completely sold out after just a few seconds. 10 euros were donated to the foundation for each shirt.

Lastly, there was a very special campaign: As part of the “Christmas with a Heart” campaign, children in the Pirmasens/Zweibrücken area put together more than 900 gift packages for children in Ukraine at the end of 2022. Many thanks to the participating schools, kindergartens and daycare centers.

Help that arrives 100 percent

We ask you all to continue to alleviate the need in Ukraine with your donation. Every contribution counts - and of course the foundation also issues donation receipts.

100 percent of the money goes to charity. Because the foundation does not incur any costs, since the employees work on a voluntary basis and use the infrastructure of profine.

Bank details:

Kömmerling Better World Stiftung gGmbH

Sparkasse Südwestpfalz

IBAN DE91 5425 0010 0000 0969 58


For a donation receipt, please enter "Ukraine" as the subject of your transfer.