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Christmas with heart 2023

Christmas with heart 2023

From child to child

Our Ukraine fundraising campaign "Christmas with a heart" is entering its second round.

After we were able to help so many children in Ukraine with our fundraising campaign last Christmas, we have launched another project especially for Christmas this year.

Based on the principle of "Christmas in a shoebox", children in Germany will pack gift boxes for children in Ukraine as part of our fundraising campaign. These are then sent to Ukraine and distributed with the help of our Kömmerling Better World Foundation.

Numerous schools took part

Just like the first time, numerous schools took part in the campaign again this year.

In the Pirmasens area, we were supported by the following schools:

  • Leibniz High-School Pirmasens
  • Pirmasens Montessori School
  • Käthe-Dassler School Pirmasens
  • Sommerwald Primary School Pirmasens
  • IGS Thaleischweiler-Fröschen
  • Bottenbach Primary School
  • Hofenfels High-School Zweibrücken
  • BBS Zweibrücken

Support from 1. FSV Mainz 05

It was also particularly pleasing to work with 1. FSV Mainz 05 Bundesliga football club, who made a major contribution by being in contact with ten schools in the Mainz area. Thanks to this collaboration, we were not only able to collect an impressive number of gifts there, but also expand the reach and influence of our campaign.

Collection and shipping

The collection of the gifts from the schools has now been successfully completed.

The collected packages are now on their way to our factory in Berlin, where they are pre-sorted and counted for the appropriate children's homes and orphanages. From there, the gifts continue their journey to give the children in Ukraine a little joy in time for Christmas.

Commitment of our trainees

In 2023, the delivery of gifts to schools in the area was again largely organized by our trainees.

Special thanks

We are proud of the positive commitment and solidarity that our workforce showed in this campaign in collaboration with Mainz 05.

A big thank you also goes to our many dedicated colleagues, many of whom took part in our fundraising campaign and generously donated gifts.

Together with the 18 schools involved in our campaign, we were able to collect around 1,300 Christmas presents.


A special thank you to everyone who helped make this fundraiser a success and make this Christmas an unforgettable experience for the children in Ukraine!